GRID4EU actively contributed to CIGRE Technical exhibition 2014

CIGRE Poster session

GRID4EU actively contributed to the CIGRE Technical exhibition 2014.

The French and the Italian Demos participated in the event. The contribution of the Italian DEMO was composed by a poster and a discussion around the paper entitled: “Active MV distribution networks: functional validation of the advanced voltage controller in the Grid4EU Italian demonstrator”. The French Demo presented the poster "The NICE GRID project: Using Distributed Energy Resources to Reduce Power Demand through Advanced Network Management".

Both posters and the discussion were part of the Study Committee C6 Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation that took place on August 26th. The Study Committee C6 is the CIGRE committee in charge of Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation.

Keywords: DER,DER Integration,MV innovation,LV automation,Network Energy Management

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