GRID4EU actively contributed to the CIRED workshops 2014

Rome, June 13th, 2014

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GRID4EU actively took part to the CIRED workshops 2014 on June 11th and 12th in Rome (Italy).

The Swedish Demo presented a poster about the topic of LV Network Monitoring and Control. The Italian Demo introduced, on the one hand, the laboratory tests first results of its voltage control system, on the other hand, LTE and PLC new technologies for MV Network Supervision and Automation. The French Demo presented a poster called "An aggregator for distributed energy storage units under multiple constraints in the NICE GRID Demonstrator".

CIRED Workshops are held every two years by the CIRED organization, "the Leading Forum where the Electricity Distribution Community meets".

Keywords: DER,DER Integration,Storage,LV automation,MV automation


  • ENEL
  • VTF
  • ARM
  • CIS
  • RSE
  • SEL
  • SIE

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