GRID4EU at the European Utility Week 2014

Amsterdam, November 4th - 6th 2014


GRID4EU actively participated to the European Utility Week 2014 in Amsterdam from November 4th to November 6th. Indeed, three GRID4EU Demos (The Demos 1, 4 and 6) were presented in the case study track of the event and the GRID4EU Coordinator participated in a roundtable on Active Demand.

The presentation of the Demo 1 called "GRID4EU and its German Demo" provided an overview about the project, a focus on the Advanced MV-operation in the Demo and the first results of the project. The presentation was delivered by Thomas Wiedemann, Demo 1 leader and Project Manager in the New Technologies department of RWE.

The presentation called "Energy Storage System for DER integration in the GRID4EU Italian Demo" (Demo 4), by Laura Pimpinella, Control systems Engineer in ENEL Distribuzione, gave information on the functionalities and the integration in the system architecture of the storage system, the numerical simulations and the lessons learned.

The presentation of the Demo 6 called "NICE GRID - Contribution of a Smart-Solar District" delivered by Chloé Pfeiffer, involved in Project Development and Smart Grids within ERDF, and Niels Siebert, DERMS DER-Scheduling Release Manager in Alstom Grid, communicates the technical architecture of the project, business use cases tested (peak load management, integration of PV, islanding) and first results.

The roundtable "Demand Response Management: Promise of a better future?", moderated by Markus Gerds, Senior Principle in Accenture Smart Grid Services, gathered as panelists:

  • Pim Spierenburg, Lead Grid Application EMEA, Omnetric Group
  • Peter van der Sluijs, Programme Manager, Local Energy Markets, Alliander
  • Rémy Garaude Verdier, GRID4EU Coordinator, ERDF

This session enabled to share experiences of Demand Response pilots in Europe and covered questions of technology, market design and regulation.

The three Demo presentations and the agenda of the roundtable are available in the list of documents in the right colum of this page.

Keywords: Active Demand,Storage,LV automation,MV automation,European Utility Week 2014

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