GRID4EU held its 3rd Advisory Board to conclude the 3rd year of the project

November 25th 2014, Bologna

Advisory Board meeting

On November 25th 2014, GRID4EU held its 3rd Advisory Board in Bologna, Italy. 

Around 100 project members gathered to follow-up the progress of the project and discuss the achievements of the third year.

Paola PETRONI, Head of Network Technology in ENEL Distribuzione, and Henrik DAM, the GRID4EU project officer in the European Commission (DG Energy, Unit C2), opened the event by highlighting the role of GRID4EU in the improvement of the Distribution supply at the Distribution level in a context of energy transition

Then, the GRID4EU Coordinator and Technical Director provided an overview of the Year 3 achievements and of the stakes and objectives for the Year 4. Following this introduction, each Demo leader had the opportunity to present more thoroughly his/her Demo and discuss with the attending stakeholders the approaches selected, the first results, the challenges met and the lessons learned.

After these presentations by Demos, a special focus has been put on transversal activities. In particular, the Costs Benefits Analysis and Scaling-up & Replication Analysis activities led within GRID4EU have been presented. Moreover, two panel session took place to highlight synergies between Demos:

  • The first one addressed the question “How to improve the LV and /or MV network to better facilitate the integration of DER?”. This panel, moderated by Ana AGUADO CORNAGO from EDSO for Smart Grids, enabled a discussion between representatives from Demos 1, 2 and 4 and two Advisors, David VANGULICK from ORES and Alexander EBERT from OMNETRIC.
  • The second one, moderated by James GALLAGHER from New York State Smart Grid Consortium, dealt with the topic “Active demand, storage, islanding … New initiatives to enhance the grid efficiency and reliability”. It enabled a discussion between representatives from Demos 3, 5 and 6 and two advisors, Claire COUET from EURELECTRIC and Grégory JARRY from the CRE (the French Energy Regulatory Commission).

At the end of the day, fostering the cooperation between R&D projects funded by the EC, Ove S. GRANDE presented the outcomes of the EcoGrid EU project.

Concluding the Advisory Board, project coordinator Rémy Garaude Verdier (ERDF) thanked all partners for their contribution to a successful third year, stressed the challenges and opportunities that are still ahead of GRID4EU and warmly invited all attendants for the final Advisory Board, which will take place in France at the end of 2015.

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