Grid4EU Kick-Off Meeting

Paris, November 22nd 2011

Grid4eu Kick Off 7On November 22nd 2011 in Paris, Michèle Bellon, Chairman of the Board of ERDF (project coordinator) announced the launch of the European Smart Grid demonstration project Grid4EU.

Designed in response to a call for projects from the European Commission, the project lays the groundwork for the development of tomorrow's electricity grids. Financed to the tune of €25M by the European Commission, for an overall budget of €54M, it is the biggest Smart Grids project to be funded by the European Union.

The GRID4EU project brings together a consortium of 6 European electricity distributors (ERDF, Enel, Iberdrola, CEZ Distribuce, Vattenfall and RWE) who decided to gather their expertise to set up a large-scale demonstration of distribution networks with distributed generation and active customer participation. Grid4EU also draws on the know-how of other industrial and scientific partners, thereby bringing together 27 partners from around ten different EU countries.

The kick-off meeting took place over two days, with the the first day launching the operational duties of team members in the first four workshops of the project and the second day in plenary session marking the official launch of the project.

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