Brussels, October 1st, 2015


One of the objectives of the GRID4EU project is to disseminate the results widely enough for an early take-up of scaling and replication rules by the stakeholders and to help remove some of the barriers towards Smart Grids deployment (technical, economic and social acceptance barriers) and, in particular, regulatory barriers.

In this context, GRID4EU organises dedicated workshops with CEER. GRID4EU held two different workshops, the 1st at specification stage of the Demos in order to explain the foreseen solutions, and the 2nd at the end of the project in order to share the obtained results and their exploitation plan.

This 2nd workshop took place in Brussels (CEER premises) on October 1st, 2015. For this workshop, GRID4EU decided to present to the CEER Customers and Retail Markets Working Group (CRM WG) a whole overview of the activities of GRID4EU in Active Demand with an emphasis on key operational achievements and lessons learned.

The agenda of the workshop has been the following one:

  • Quick introduction to the GRID4EU project (Adel JARIFI, ERDF)  - 5 minutes
  • Focus on the role of regulation in the GRID4EU Scalability and Replicability Analysis for Active Demand approaches (Ilaria LOSA, RSE and Kristof MAY, KUL)  -  15 minutes
  • Case studies of both Active Demand Demonstrators in GRID4EU
    • GRID4EU Spanish Demo (Ruth MOYA and Gonzalo CARTON, Iberdrola Clientes)  -  20 minutes
    • GRID4EU French Demo (Thomas DRIZARD, ERDF)  -  20 minutes
  • Questions & Answers  -  30 minutes

Generally, the workshop was a constructive meeting between GRID4EU and the Customers & Retail Markets Working Group of the CEER. For the CEER, it was a mean to receive on-field updates of innovative experimentations on the topic of Active Demand. For GRID4EU, this was the opportunity to show to key Stakeholders examples of the outcomes of the project GRID4EU to figure in final deliverables and get first feedbacks.


  • ERDF
  • IBD
  • RSE
  • KUL

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