Nice, October 6th and 7th, 2015

EDSO visit 2

Following a suggestion of GRID4EU during the 4th InnoGrid2020+ Conference, the Projects Committee of EDSO decided to organize one of its meetings on October 6th & 7th, 2015 in Nice. During this meeting, GRID4EU presented first outcomes of the project. 4 Demos of GRID4EU (Demo1, Demo2, Demo5 and Demo6) presented their approaches and achieved results.

On October 6th, 2015, an on-field visit of installations in the GRID4EU Demo6 was performed.

This included a visit of:

  • The secondary Substation, “Dock Trachel”, supplying an area of 12 clients, with around 250 kW of peak consumption and 430 kWp of PV installed capacity. A 5-hours islanding of this area has been performed at the same day.
  • A 4 kW residential battery and a 33 kW grid battery. Batteries are used to:
    • Absorb the increased solar generation in summer between noon and 4 PM
    • Reduce the consumption peak in winter between 6 PM and 8 PM
  • The showroom of the Demo where Use Cases were further developed and explained and first results presented.

On October 7th, 2015, a 2-hours GRID4EU session was included in the agenda of the EDSO Projects Committee meeting. During the first hour, a focus on grid automation of failure management at the Medium Voltage level was performed by the Demo1 and Demo5 of GRID4EU. During the second hour, a focus on outage detection and management in the Low Voltage network was performed by the Demo2 and Demo5 of GRID4EU.

The list of attendants in this workshop can be found below:

Member company


ČEZ Distribuce

Richard Vidlička

Enel Distribuzione

Jon Stromsather

EDSO for Smart Grids

Victoria Gerus


Paul Douard


Harold Veldkamp

ČEZ Distribuce

Radek Lamich

ČEZ Distribuce

Mirza Karajica

ČEZ Distribuce

Zdenka Pokorna


Peter de Pauw

EDP Distribuçao

Pedro Godinho Matos

EDSO for Smart Grids

Ana Aguado


Adel Jarifi


Christophe Boisseau


Christophe Lebossé


Rémy Garaude Verdier


Thomas Drizard

Netz Niederösterreich (EVN)

Maximilian Urban

Netze BW (EnBW)

Wolfgang Kehrer


Isabelle Callens


Stanislav Votruba


Ilaria Losa


Thomas Wiedemann

Stromnetz Steiermark GmbH

Gregor Taljan

Unión Fenosa Distribución

Mariano Gaudo Navarro

Unión Fenosa Distribución

Fernando Salazar


Peter Söderström

List of participants in the 2nd GRID4EU workshop for the European DSO Community

Keywords: Islanding,EDSO,NICE GRID,MV innovation,LV innovation,LV automation,MV automation


  • ERDF
  • CEZ
  • VTF
  • RWE
  • RSE

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