GRID4EU - NICE GRID in an annual publication of the Institute for Electric Innovation

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On Thursday, December 11, 2014, the Institute for Electric Innovation released an updated edition of its publication, Innovations Across the Grid, that features more than 50 new utility-technology company partnerships that are meant to be fundamentally changing how the electric utility industry is integrating new energy resources into the grid, optimizing the distribution system, and providing customer solutions.

Through a series of case studies documenting “real world” projects, Innovations Across the Grid demonstrates how significant investments in grid technologies, data analytics, system monitoring, and customer-focused innovations are helping the electric grid evolve.

NICE GRID, the Demo 6 of GRID4EU, is one of the 19 projects included in the chapter named "Optimizing the distribution grid platform" highlighting projects underway aiming at grid optimization and flexibility, including enhanced grid reliability and operational efficiency, grid intelligence and self-healing, substation automation and outage management.

Keywords: Islanding,DER Integration,Active Demand,Storage,LV automation

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