GRID+ project reached its end

February 9th, 2015

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The end of the GRID+ project has been officialized during a final review meeting in presence of Patrick Van Hove, the Project Officer of GRID+ in the European Commission.

The review report written after this meeting endorses the support for the operational support for the development of the European Electricity Grids Initiative (EEGI). The EEGI is one of the European Industrial Initiatives under the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) which proposes a 9-year European research, development, and demonstration programme to accelerate innovation and the development of the electricity networks of the future in Europe. It encompasses activities like the mapping of ongoing initiatives, the development of roadmaps and priorities for implementation in the Smart Grids domain or the development of "labeling scheme" for European Smart Grids projects like GRID4EU.

In this framework, GRID4EU received The EEGI Core Label. This label acknowledges that a specific project is in line with the spirit of the EEG(i.e. knowledge sharing of results, system level innovation, etc.). 

In addition to the expected project outcomes, GRID+ created, a knowledge-sharing platform for European Smart Grids projects and results.

The GRID+ project website includes references to all documentation produced in the project and to material relevant for the meetings of the EEGI initiative.

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