ISGAN Webinar on innovative approaches for integrating Renewable Energy developed in GRID4EU

September 29th, 2015


The Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with ISGAN, hosted on September 29th, 2015 a no-cost, webinar-based training on lessons learned from GRID4EU on integrating renewable energy. See the video of this webinar:

This webinar follows the ISGAN Award of Excellence 2015. By winning this award, GRID4EU  has been recognized by the ISGAN and the Clean Energy Ministerial as the best worldwide example of Excellence in Smart Grids for Renewable Energy Integration.

As a leading smart distribution networks project supported by the European Union (EU), GRID4EU is anchored in the European ambition to reach at least 27% of renewable energy by 2030. Driven by large-scale demonstrators, GRID4EU increases the hosting capacity for renewable energy sources (RES) in distribution grids without jeopardizing quality of supply. The project helps create a standardized European model for smart grids by fostering economically viable, technologically sound and interoperable solutions and by facilitating their replication and scale-up.

To develop patterns of RES integration and identify and articulate best practices and solutions, the GRID4EU project uses three locations representative of the current European RES landscape.

  • In Germany, GRID4EU improves the surveillance and advanced control of the medium voltage (MV) grid based on an autonomously acting multi-agent system. Dynamic topology reconfiguration, a new operational concept facilitating RES integration, is enabled.
  • In Italy, the project increases the hosting capacity and maximizes the integration of RES in the MV network. The system makes possible a new network management system model with distributed generators actively supporting voltage regulation.
  • In France, a network energy manager using solar generation and load forecasts creates an optimization program based on load flexibility bids. These bids, proposed by aggregators, ease the voltage and current constraints resulting from a high level of photovoltaic tied into the low voltage distribution grid. A unique 250-kW islanding test with no spinning machines is being conducted.

During the webinar, original approaches used in GRID4EU have been presented by GRID4EU operational leaders. The presentations have been followed by an interactive question and answer session with the audience.

Keywords: DER Integration,Renewable Energy Integration,Network Hosting Capacity


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