Publication of the case book on Demand Side Management

Seoul, May 12th 2014

Official release of the DSM case book+

On the occasion of the fifth Clean Energy Ministerial, the ISGAN case book called “Spotlight on Demand Side Management” has been officially released. As coordinator of the writing and the edition of this publication, the GRID4EU coordinator was invited to participate to the presentation to the CEM5 participants. GRID4EU also participated to the case book by writing the French case study thanks to the contribution from Nice Grid, the French Demonstrator.

The case book includes studies from twelve countries: Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Sweden, The Netherlands and the United States, covering a broad range of contexts: economic, political, geographical, structural, cultural and market. Although each study is unique, the variety of cases included in this case book can be considered as a representative compendium of the current DSM experience as part of a global smart grid strategy.

This case book is the second of what is a series of case books, with each focusing on key smart grid systems or applications. ISGAN already disclosed last year a case book on Advanced Metering Infrastructure. Each case book may be updated periodically with new case studies from ISGAN participants and affiliated organizations.

The case book is available through the following link:

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