Public ceremonial commissioning of the German Demo in Reken

Reken, September 29th

Prsentation of the Demo 1

On September 29th, RWE presented to an assembly of local stakeholders* of the Reken area the ins and outs of the Demo 1 (German Demo) of GRID4EU.

The Reken area, counting ca. 14.000 inhabitants, has been selected for this pilot project because many renewable energy generators have been (and will be) installed. Consequently, as much electricity is produced as it is consumed in this zone combining urban and rural landscapes... but not at the same time.

To facilitate the integration of Distributed Energy Resources, RWE collaborates with ABB and TU Dortmund to make the grid more flexible.

The technique has already been completely integrated in the existing local network of Reken. New operating equipment in the local secondary substations measure the current load in the electric network and automatically adapt the structure of the network to the current requirements. If needed, existing loop segments are operated to enable a direct communication between consumers and suppliers. The electricity consumed in Reken is also more and more produced in Reken. Moreover, the network becomes more reliable through advanced steering functions. In case of disruption, the central control unit directly identifies where a reparation is needed.

* From links to right in the picture: Prof. Dr. Christian Rehtanz, Director of the Insitute for Energy Systems in the TU Dortmund, Dr. Markus Pieper, Member of the European Parliament, Brita Weishaupt, Deputy Mayor of Reken, Dr. Joachim Schneider, Technical Director of RWE Deutschland, Robert Itschner, Director of Energy Leiter Power Technology Systems in ABB Germany and Dr. Kai Zwicker, District Administrator.

Keywords: DER Integration,MV automation

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