Start of the Demand Response experimentation in DEMO6 / NICE GRID Project!

Nice, January 9th - The first Demand Response experimentation test started in Demo6 / NICE GRID project.

Thanks to LINKY (ERDF smart meter), six demand response tests took place in Carros, France, for industrial and residential clients.


Twice a week, until March (during the 2 coldest days), the goal will be to relieve the electricity network during peak in consumption: between 6 and 8 p.m.

Roughly 130 residential clients are concerned. A hundred of these “prosumers” act on a voluntary basis: they decide of their consumption reduction, for instance, turning off some of their energy-greedy household appliances.

Others accept the complete control of their heating system (during 30min to 1h30 depending on the isolation level of their house). The experimentation aims at reducing their heating without compromising their comfort.

It represents a reduction of 400 W of power per client!

Photo                                                             Copyright : P. LAPOIRIE

The first results remain very positive, and promise nice realizations to come in Nice Grid project and for the future electricity network.



By the end of February, the 1MW battery (installed in November, 2013) will supply the network, and so will give a great contribution to the network smart management.

The clients will also have access to their consumption monitoring given by LINKY.

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