The Electric Energy Storage System of the Italian Demonstration is under commissioning

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The installation and the connection to the MV network of the Electric Energy Storage System (EESS) have been completed and the commissioning is ongoing.  

This system of 1 MVA power and 1MWh capacity uses Lithium-Ion batteries and is connected to a Medium Voltage substation, whose electrical structure makes it possible to connect the storage to 5 different MV feeders, allowing to test and assess the device’s functionalities in several network conditions.

One of the first successful tests performed during the commissioning, was the complete charge and discharge of the batteries, in particular the charging phase was carried out during Renewable Energy Sources peak production, with the generation exceeding  the load.

The commissioning represent a key milestone prior to the full operation of the EESS.  

Keywords: Li-ion battery,DER Integration,Storage

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