The Network Energy Manager of the Demo6 now operational

NEM is operational

Alstom’s NEM (Network Energy Manager) was put into operation at the beginning of March during winter demand-side management experiments. It allows grid managers to call upon various aggregators that use multiple approaches to optimize the flow of electricity on the grid according to the time of day.

During the summer, for example, if more solar power is being generated than consumed, customers are offered “solar bonuses” (solar off-peak hours between noon and 4 pm), and the system remotely activates participating customers’ electric water heaters and stores the excess electricity in batteries. Conversely, during wintertime power consumption peaks, the system may remotely adjust heating levels via the Linky smart meter or draw on electricity stored in the batteries at one or several grid levels to top up the grid.

In the second half of 2014, the NEM will be upgraded with a new network calculation module that will manage local optimization between electricity production and consumption across solar districts.

This will allow the NEM to collect information on grid operating conditions (including solar and consumption forecasts), calculate constraints on the grid and determine the type of flexibility option program that should be implemented.

In the medium term, in 2015, the complete version of the NEM will function as follows:

How does the NEM function

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