Demo 4 in Italy: held the first meeting with generators' owners to start recruitment activity

Mercato Saraceno (FC) - Italy, 9th of July 2013

IMG 2656 V1On the 9th of July took place the first meeting  with generators owners to start the recruitment activity, presenting the Italian demonstration project  and explaining the importance of generators participation for the success of the experimentation.

Core of the Italian project is in fact the realization of an advanced system to implement Medium Voltage network control through the participation of generators, that will become “active actors” in network management. 

The meeting was held in the City Hall of Mercato Saraceno, one of the Municipalities of the Emilia Romagna region involved in  the experimentation. After the welcome of Oscar Graziani, Major of Mercato Saraceno and Stefano Danesi, Head of Network Development of Enel Distribuzione in Emilia Romagna, the project and –in particular– the proposal for generators involvement  have been presented and deeply discussed with the participants, who seemed very interested. 

Next appointment in autumn will be to start site surveys in the facilities of the generators owners that will accept to join the experimentation, for the future activities related to the innovative equipment installation.

Keywords: Demo 4,Grid4EU,MV generators,MV network control,Enel,Emilia Romagna,Mercato Saraceno,DER,Forlì,Cesena


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