GRID4EU at “Lénergie demain” Workshop

Paris, 30-31 May 2013

INSTITUT MINES TELECOM LogoGrid4EU was presented at the "L'énergie demain" Workshop organised by the Institute MINES Telecom in Paris, on the 30-31 of May 2013.

The workshop aimed at bringing together major academic actors in France from the fields of telecoms and energy to present RandD activities on renewable energies, energy efficiency and future energy systems.

Grid4EU was presented by ARMINES with a poster as well as through an oral presentation. ARMINES had the chance also to present more in detail technical work carried out in the frame of Nice Grid (the french demo within Grid4EU) on topics like PV forecasting and network batteries management in microgrids.

The workshop permitted to raise interest on the project for the 170 participants with a clear expectation to get informed on the project outcomes in the next years.

Keywords: Workshop,Energy,IMT,Institute MINES Telecom,PV forecasting,network batteries management,microgrids

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