Grid4EU at Metering Amsterdam

Amsterdam, October 9th to 11th 2012

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A record 6,700 visitors and delegates attended the recent European Utility Week in Amsterdam where leading industry experts assessed the policy and future market direction of smart energy and the impact on all players, including governments, energy companies, the industry and consumers.

Grid4EU took this opportunity to address many Smart Grids stakeholders and communicate on the project stakes and objectives through different means.

On October 10th, ERDF Project Coordinator Rémy Garaude Verdier and RWE Demo 1 leader Thomas Wiedemann were on the agenda to present "GRID4EU project - at the cutting edge of European innovation", focusing on:
- Higher levels of renewables connected to the distribution networks
- Improving peak load management through increased interactions between network operation and electricity customers
- Demand Side Management (DSM), Electric Vehicles, Storage, Micro Grids

The next day, CEZ Demo 4 leader Zdenka Pokorna was on stage to present Grid4EU Czech Demonstrator "Smart Region project on smart grids" focusing on:
- Demonstration of automation on both LV and MV levels of the distribution grid
- Balancing the local power generation and consumption - island operation

Collaborating with ERDF on Grid4EU dissemination activities, Accenture also displayed a video presentation of Grid4EU on its booth for the whole exhibition duration.

Finally, Grid4EU coordinator Rémy Garaude Verdier was interviewed in margin of the conference for a video published on Metering media partner (click to go to video).


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