Grid4EU at STARGRID workshop on industry statement for a conformed standardization framework

Brussels, May 16th 2013

STARGRID project organized a joint workshop in Brussels with ETP SmartGrids to bring together promoters and stakeholders of various European smart grid industry initiatives in an ad-hoc round table.


Grid4EU project was invited to participate to this workshop and to present the GWP4 activities by the “Technology and Communication standards in the Grid4EU project“ presentation, in the session "DER intergration and grid control" of the workshop.

After a short presentation of the project organization the presentation focused on the standardization activities of the project.

The work done with the SGAM model by the demonstrators has been presented. It appeared that the SGAM begins to be currently used as an architecture model by many other projects discussed during the STARGRID workshop.

An overview of the standards that are planned to be used by the 6 demonstrations has been presented as the main result of the GWP4 2012 deliverable.

In this deliverable, a first element of conclusion that is related to DER is that the demonstrations needs to add extensions to the CIM data model to represent DER devices and production forecast schedules.

Some European projects, like DERRI and ADDRESS already worked on DER extensions for CIM and their feedbacks could be a good starting point to forward European vision of DER in the CIM international model.

The results of the joint workshop will be published online on both STARGRID project and ETP SmartGrids websites as a consolidated stakeholder statement for an open consultation process. The outcome of the consultation process will then be forwarded to the European and international standardization bodies and regulators as well as to the European Commission.

Keywords: Standardization,Standards,STARGRID

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