Grid4EU at the 4th General Assembly of the European Technology Platform Smart Grids

Rome, March 8th & 9th 2012

ETP_Smart_GridsThe theme of this Assembly was: The new Strategic Research Agenda 2035

Five years after the publication of the first Smart Grids SRA in 2007, which has shaped the research and development activities across European countries, the SRA 2035 was launched, building on the latest reference work completed by other Smart Grids initiatives.

The goal of the Smart Grids SRA 2035 is the determination of the longer-term ( years 2020-2035) Smart Grids research, innovation and development needs with follow-up deployment. In this way, GRID4EU was introduced for all participants in an overview of Smart Grid projects in Europe.

SRA 2035 builds-upon the progress anticipated by the EEGI (European Electricity Grid Initiative) and other SET plan initiatives by 2020.

Organizer: ETP Smart Grids

Co-organizer: Smart Grids ERA-Net

Keywords: SRA,ETP Smart Grids

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