Grid4EU attends EcoGrid EU 2nd Reference Group

Copenhaguen, March 7th 2013

CopenhaguenThe second Reference Group (*) meeting of FP7 EcoGrid EU project was held in Copenhagen on 7 March 2013 in the presence of 2 Grid4EU project members.

Before a panel of some 20 Reference Group members, the EcoGrid EU project team presented their achievements and next steps, with plenty of space for interaction with the audience. Discussions included the development and ICT architecture of the EcoGrid Real-Time Market setup; DER control solutions; end-user interface and communication with the customers.

To learn more about EcoGrid EU project, visit the project official website at


* The role of EcoGrid EU Reference Group is similar to that of Grid4EU Advisory Board as a forum for feedback, opinions and support. Members of the group represent the interests of key stakeholders in a future real-time market for regulation power. The members of the reference group include DSOs, TSOs, aggregators/suppliers, Danish authorities/regulators, national Smart Grid platforms and expert groups.
EcoGrid EU is also a member of Grid4EU Advisory Board as felow EU FP7 project.

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