Grid4EU represented at PowerTech 2013

PowerTech is a conference for all engineers and scientists working in the field of electrical energy. It is the anchor conference of the IEEE Power & Energy Society in Europe.

In 2013, for the first time in France, Grenoble hosted the event.

Powertech 2013

Grid4EU’s partner, KTH, submitted 2 papers.

1 - Ancillary Services for Smart Grids - Power Quality Market

The paper addresses the roles and models of ancillary services in future Smart grids. Realization of future Smart grids is enabled by a transition from present day mainly hierarchical and regulated power systems to open market based flexible Smart grids. This transition involves new stakeholders and market opportunities related to primary and ancillary services. We suggest Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as a mechanism to coordinate and monitor primary and ancillary services and stakeholders in s given use/business case. We illustrate our approach with use cases based on Power Quality (PQ) markets with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or established PQ indices as coordination and negotiation mechanisms between producers and users of power. Some of our use cases are chosen from the ongoing EU project Grid4EU.

2 - A SLA Conceptual Framework for Monitoring QoS in Smart Grid

The EU Climate and Energy Package, setting the 20-20-20 targets of future energy systems will change the landscape of the future energy system in Europe and worldwide. A customer oriented Smart Grid operating in deregulated energy transition from monopolized controlled power network to market poses several regulatory, organizational and technical challenges. In such a scenario, multiple stakeholders coordinate to produce and deliver energy and relevant services to consumers. The intra-contractual negotiation is tightly coupled with QoS (Quality of Service). However, there is a lack of active monitoring aspect using QoS. Hence, there exists a gap to actively monitor the QoS values among all negotiated SLAs (Service Level Agreements) . In order to address Quality of Service in this setting, SLAs has been proposed as a tool. SLA framework sets up the trust and the coordination among stakeholders in a business case and relevant services with set points and agreements to be monitored. In this paper we propose a SLA framework for monitoring services in smart grid.


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