ISGAN & GSGF cooperation on global Smart Grid development


The International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) and Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF) have agreed on a framework for formal cooperation to provide a forum to share best practices, address key technical and policy issues, and foster innovation on smart grid development.

This is a great step forward in the world of Smart Grid – and Grid4EU will keep actively collaborating with ISGAN as it already did by hosting an ISGAN workshop in Paris and contributing to ISGAN casebook on AMI.



About the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN)

Launched in 2010 at the first Clean Energy Ministerial, ISGAN brings together 25 governments and their designated institutions to accelerate the development and deployment of smarter electricity grids worldwide through dynamic knowledge sharing, peer review, and project coordination. ISGAN is formally organized through the Implementing Agreement for a Co-operative Programme on Smart Grids (ISGAN) under a framework of the International Energy Agency. 


About the Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF)

Established in 2010, GSGF is committed to creating smarter, cleaner electricity systems around the world. It links 15 leading national and regional smart grid organizations, each representing a variety of private sector, academic, and other stakeholder interests.


Grid4EU was mentioned as a notable project in the 2012 GSGF Report comparing the state of smart grid deployments within its member countries.

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