One of Europe’s biggest Li-ion batteries installation for NICE GRID project!

Since November 21st 2013, NiceGrid - GRID4EU DEMO6 enters a new step of construction. The demonstrator, based in Carros, Alpes Maritimes, installed 2 containers with a large size inverter (Alstom Grid) and a 1MV battery (Saft) in the field.

It was a successful setup, thanks to ERDF supervision team.


One of the 1st European smart solar district demonstrators, NICE GRID develops future electrical system by integrating a high proportion of local photovoltaic electricity generation, electricity storage units and electrical equipment of residential and industrials.. It builds on existing electrical infrastructure and innovative technologies such as Linky Smart meters which more than 1,300 have already been deployed by the ERDF local workfoce teams with the goal of reaching 2,500 by 2014.

Electric storage: one of the enablers for integrating photovoltaic generation (PV) on the distribution networks

With batteries, it is possible to optimize, from territorial scale, electricity management at different levels: transmission and distribution, consumers and producers. They will control the massive introduction of PV generation on the network and perform “load shading” at the request of the TSO RTE. In winter, the load peak is at 6-8 PM, and it is at this moment that the storage system can actively support the network by injecting the electricity stored in the battery.


Installed battery: Lithium-Ion model, like the ones on your Smartphones...slightly bigger.Image2

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