Organization chart GRID4EU

The organisational structure of the Consortium is based on hierarchical management layers. It shall comprise the four following Consortium Bodies:

The General Assembly, as a forum to bring together the Consortium with the major aim of providing a high degree of cohesion and raise a high degree of awareness of the work being developed. The Chairman of the General Assembly is a Distribution System Operator Representative.

The Steering Committee is the main executive body of the Project. Its role will be to provide strategic directions for both the Coordinator and the demo leaders following consultation with the Technical Committee when deemed necessary. The Steering Committee will be in charge of taking the major decisions regarding the work envisaged in the Project both at the demonstration and research levels. The Chairman of the Steering Committee is the Coordinator.

The Technical Committee is the body in charge of technical issues and the coordination of work among the Work Packages, i.e. Demonstrators (Demos) and General Work Packages (GWP). The technical Committe shall report to and be accountable to the Steering Committee. The Chairman of the Technical Committee is the Technical Director.

The eleven Work Package Boards are in charge of the management of their Work Package and of the coordination between their tasks. Each Work Package Board is chaired by a work package leader.