At international level, GRID4EU is also providing an active contribution of Europe to ISGAN, which aims at accelerating the development and deployment of smart electricity grids around the world.

EC proposal is to organize activity 2 as exchanges between several large-scale demos in ISGAN participating countries. Those large-scale demos that are in progress, would be ‘evolving’ case studies. The focus of this activity is an ‘evaluation framework’ and ‘presentation’ of successful pilots.

The overall objective for GRID4EU is to implement dissemination activities in order to prepare the future exploitation of the project results, while preserving legitimate intellectual property rights.

Since the beginning of the project, GRID4EU participated to the construction of 2 case books:

AMI Casebook  GRID4EU participated to the case book's preparation  during the Annex2 workshop that took place in Paris in February 2013, through the experience sharing from  Vattenfall and Enel on AMI.

  • The 2nd case book is dedicated to Demand Management

ISGAN DSM case book cover For this case book, GRID4EU is participating as coordinator of the case book.

GRID4EU organized as coordinator the case book's writing, in particular during the Annex 2 workshops that took place in Paris in July 2013 and in Guangzhou, China in February 2014. GRID4EU also participated to the case book with a contribution from the French Demo.

The case book has been released during the 5th Clean Energy Ministerial in Seoul, South Korea.