GRID4EU and EcoGrid EU knowledge-sharing


EcoGrid EU is a European project contributing to ISGAN works.

GRID4EU and EcoGrid EU projects, as EC “ISGAN stamped” projects, establish specific links in order to share experiment results and best practices.

EcoGrid EU is member of GRID4EU Advisory Board and thus entitled to participate to the workshops organized by GRID4EU project (i.e. workshops towards DSOs, professional associations and research performers).

GRID4EU is member of EcoGrid EU Reference Group and thus entitled to participate to the workshops organized by EcoGrid EU project . 

Dedicated links between GRID4EU and EcoGrid EU websites.

Specific bilateral workshops may be organized (e.g. in order to prepare contribution to ISGAN meetings).



GRID4EU is labelled EEGI


The EEGI Label acknowledges that a specific project is in line with the spirit of the EEG(i.e. knowledge sharing of results, system level innovation, etc.). 

The European Electricity Grids Initiative (EEGI) is a common Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) program to accelerate innovation and address the most critical electricity system issues to reach the targets on energy and climate for 2020 and beyond.

EEGI Labelling provides a methodology for identifying the list of projects that form part of the EEGI Roadmap.


Collaboration between GRID4EU and GRID+

GRID+ logo

Contacts have been established with the European project GRID+ in order to define a scaling up and replication methodology that will be aligned with the requirements of the methodology adopted by the European Energy Grid Initiative (EEGI).

GRID+ is a Coordination and Support Action which has been created for providing operational support for the development of the EEGI. The Project addresses the five remaining critical issues regarding the electricity systems: costs, benefits, KPIs, knowledge sharing, and financing involving all stakeholders. 



GRID4EU is member of the Stakeholders Committee of IGREENGrid


IGREENGrid is the first analytical approach defined in the Roadmap and Implementation plan developed by EEGI. Strong coordination with EEGI, GRID+ project and other relevant initiatives like GRID4EU are established during the Project to allow IGREENGrid to receive appropriate feedback and to maximize the project impact. 

IGREENGrid has chosen the project GRID4EU as one of its members of the Stakeholders Committee. As such, GRID4EU's mission is to:

  • Analyse and evaluate the results of the project, identifying the problems and obstacles presently restricting the large-scale integration of DRES in low and medium voltage grids
  • Propose solutions that could be tested during the Project
  • Provide feedback (according technical, regulatory and economic criteria) about inputs that could be taken into consideration and intermediate outputs
  • Carry out recommendations regarding Project outputs.