overview of grid4EU Demonstrators

Demo overview 2

The project consists of 6 demonstrators. Click below to learn more about each:

  • Demo 1 (Germany): Demonstrator in Reken focused on the improvement of surveillance and advanced control of the medium voltage grid based on autonomous acting Multi-Agent-System (MAS).
  • Demo 2 (Sweden): Demonstrator in Uppsala focused on the development of monitoring system of LV distribution network based on AMI infrastructure and intelligent equipment in the secondary substation.
  • Demo 3 (Spain): Demonstrator in Castellon focused on the enhancement of the MV and LV network automation and the awareness of the Customers about their consumption and network situation.
  • Demo 4 (Italy): Demonstrator in the Forli-Cesena area (Emilia Romagna region), focused on implementing an advanced control system to increase the hosting capacity and maximize the integration of renewable energy sources and distributed generation in the MV network.
  • Demo 5 (Czech Republic): Demonstrator in Vrchlabi focused on LV and MV grid automation, implementation of EV infrastructure, power quality measurement and island operation.
  • Demo 6 (France) : Demonstrator in Carros focused on the optimization of PV integration into the LV grids by using PV and load forecasts, flexible loads, electric storage and islanding. It will also encourage the participation of customers and assess their and the social impacts of smart grid technologies.