Demo 2 in Uppsala, Sweden

Key Figures

  • 5 international partners
  • 4 years of demonstration
  • 15 000 customers
  • 145 Secondary substations
  • A 2nd step in implementation/development of AMM technology


Main Deliverables

  • Detailed project specification and development of demonstration activities
  • Detailed technical specification and set-up
  • Demonstration implementation and tuning
  • Demonstration activities results


Uppsala, Sweden


Swedish Demo Video

This demo focuses on how to monitor and control the LV network based on the already existing and improved AMM technology for the Nordic region.

AMM technology is fully implemented at all Vattenfall consumers' premises in these countries, which represents a significant advantage in terms of gained experience and know-how and also an excellent opportunity for demonstrating an additional step towards true Smart Grid implementation.

To go further, we invite you to consult the posters of GRID4EU partners involved in the Demo 2:

Main objectives

  • Demonstrate the use of data collected by existing and future AMM technology
  • Achieve monitoring and control of the LV Network enabling
    • Connection of small scale DER
    • Increased AD
    • Extended use of power quality information
  • Enable development of operation centers
  • Support network operations and customer information exchange which have thus the potential to reduce the commercial and technical network losses

Expected outcomes are the following:

  • Show the need and benefits of monitoring the LV network
  • Show suitable short cuts for coming AMM and smart grid implementation
  • Demonstrate how to minimize future investment cost in the area of AMM