Demo 3 in Castellon, Spain

Key Figures

  • 7 international partners
  • 200 000 customers
  • 97% remote meter reading deployment
  • 10 air-insulated substations
  • 10 gas-insulated substations
  • 200 in-home displays


Main Deliverables

  • Targets and solutions overview
  • Implementation of technology
  • Technical results and performance
  • End results including KPIs and customer acceptance


Castellon, Spain


Introduction to the Spanish Demo

Iberdrola has undertaken the roll-out of smart meters in Castellón, a city of 200.000 inhabitants in the Mediterranean cost (around 100.000 points of supply). This roll out offers a unique opportunity to enhance the deployment with smartgrids functionalities, which are to be developed within the framework of Grid4EU, and will serve as a large experiment lab for the subsequent deployment in all the Spanish territory of Iberdrola.

Areas to be covered are:

  • the end customer, who will be better informed and will be able to implement DSM measures
  • the low voltage network, to enhance its capacity to host electric vehicles
  • the secondary substation, that will incorporate more monitoring and control facilities, including power quality
  • the high end systems, the control system and the metering system, which will incorporate smartgrid features in connection with the deployment in the field

The scope will cover up to a maximum of 10 secondary substations with gas-insulated switchgear and up to 10 secondary substations with air insulated switchgear, and up to 200 houses fed in low voltage by these substations.


Demo3 Illustration


To go further, we invite you to consult the posters of GRID4EU partners involved in the Demo 3:

Main objectives

Enhance observability and control of the low and medium voltage networks, in connection with a multi-layer solution for smart metering, in order to:

  • Enable effective active demand at domestic level
  • Enhance the integration of EVs in the LV/MV network and overall system
  • Improve the quality of service
  • Better information to customers
  • More efficient network planning