Demo 5 in Vrchlabi, Czech Republic

Key Figures

  • LV level – automated failure management: 64 customers

  • MV level – automated failure management: 4895 customers, 28 MV/LV substations

  • MV level - island operation: 1879 customers, CHP unit, 7 MV/LV substations


Main Deliverables

  • Detailed demonstration planning
  • Detailed specification and development of demonstration activities
  • Implementation of demonstration activities
  • Demonstration activities results


Vrchlabi, Czech Republic


The demonstration aims at designing, implementing and testing MV/LV grids modified by remote controlled devices, fast communication infrastructure and local SCADA system to support automated operation.

A Combined Heat and Power unit (CHP) with 1.6 MW installed capacity is used for providing local power supply in amount of average annual consumption for predefined island operation area (1.6 MW) and allows the demonstrator to test capability of the designed solution to balance power supply with power consumption during the island operation with a proper reliability and quality of supply.


To go further, we invite you to consult the posters of GRID4EU partners involved in the Demo 5:


Main objectives

The main objective of Demo 5 is to test improvement of quality and reliability parameters of the grid within the automated solution on MV, LV levels of the distribution grid thanks to the automated solutions on LV and MV levels and during the island operation thanks to CHP unit implementation. Demonstration of all activities will be supervised by Superior SCADA operator.

The expected outcomes are following:

  • Automation of failure management on MV level in distribution grid
  • Automation of failure management on LV level in distribution grid
  • Management of island operation