Demo 6 in Carros, France (Nice Grid)

Key Figures

  • 1 500 involved customers
  • 200 solar rooftops
  • 100 batteries equivalent to 2 MWh of storage capacity
  • 4 years demonstration duration
  • 30 M€ budget


Main Deliverables

  • Design and implementation of a solar district
  • Test of innovative forecast algorithms
  • Feedback on islanding based on storage and solar generation
  • Customer recruitment and management of demand response
  • Technical and sociological evaluation of the pilot project


Carros, France


Overview of the French Demo


Nice Grid is a pilot project of smart solar district. The ambition of Nice Grid is to study the whole Smart Grid concept, especially the smooth integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) into the local LV grid: renewable generation with rooftop solar, electricity storage and load curtailment with smart home equipment.

The pilot will test programs of dynamic load management to :

  • Enhance the integration of solar power generation into the existing distribution grid
  • Ensure the security of energy supply at local level
  • Reduce consumption levels during peak demands
  • Study the islanding of a neighborhood based on solar generation and electrical storage

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To go further, we invite you to consult the posters of GRID4EU partners involved in the Demo 6:

Main objectives

  • Optimize the operation of a MV/LV electrical network with a major integration of solar power generation and electricity storage capacities
  • Test the islanding of a micro-grid based on solar power generation and electricity storage
  • Guarantee continuity of supply and reduce potential constraints on the high-voltage transmission lines of the area
  • Encourage the customer to be proactive in managing his production, consumption and storage of electricity

Main outcomes are the following:

  • Manage solar power generation on the LV grid
  • Manage efficiently the local load shedding capacities
  • Provide reliable electricity production and consumption forecasts
  • Study the prosumers acceptance of demand response programs
  • Succeed in storage and solar-based islanding