GWP1 - Project Management

Main Deliverables

  • Quality management plan
  • Yearly technical and financial progress reports
  • Final technical and financial report




The GWP1 consists of following activities:

  • Technical and administrative assistance to the project partners
  • Yearly contractual meetings with the European Commission
  • General Assembly meetings (GA)
  • Technical Committee meetings (TC)
  • Steering Committee meetings  (SC)
  • Quality Management
  • Yearly technical and financial progress reports and final report

To go further, we invite you to consult the poster of the GWP1.

Main objectives

The main objective of this work package is to adequately coordinate and organize the demonstration project by setting and ensuring:

  • The communication flows between all the Consortium partners
  • The Project progress monitoring and work flows  adjustment  when needed to meet the objectives on time
  • The implementation of the appropriate decision making procedures