GWP2 - Technical Coordination

Main Deliverables

  • General functional requirements and specifications of the joint activities in the Demonstrators
  • Project KPIs definition and measurement methods
  • Field Data access rights
  • Clearing house implementation and related documentation
  • Barrier identification to smarter and stronger grid implementation
  • Stakeholder acceptance reports involving existing and new barriers
  • Final KPIs report




This General Work Package is managed by ENEL in its capacity of Technical Manager of the project and Chairman of the Technical Committee.

  • Overall Technical coordination of the six Demonstrators (ENEL with a contribution from all the other DSOs)
  • Definition of the Key Performance Indicators of the Project (ENEL with a contribution from all the other DSOs)
  • Barrier identification to smarter and stronger grid implementation (RSE)
  • DSOs data confidentiality and access rights (ERDF)
  • Monitoring stakeholders acceptance (Comillas)
  • Development and validation of the Clearing house for data gathering and packaging (KUL)

To go further, we invite you to consult the posters of activities led in the framefork of the GWP2 of GRID4EU:


Main objectives

The main objectives of this GWP2 are :

  • Make the overall technical coordination of the Demonstrations in order to maximize the added value of the joint impact at EU level, exploiting the complementarities while preserving objectives and specificity of the different approaches
  • Share and define a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) demonstrating the success of the Project at National, Regional and EU level, identifying tools and/or methodologies for KPIs evaluation
  • Identify, with a pro-active and reactive approach, the barriers faced by each Demonstrator and propose, whenever possible, common solutions
  • Share rules preserving the confidentiality and ownership of data and information coming from the Demonstrations
  • Monitoring stakeholders’ acceptance