GWP5 - Communication and Dissemination

Main Deliverables

  • Dissemination Master Plan
  • Project website available for public access
  • Proceedings of the three DSOs workshops available through the web site
  • Proceedings of the three workshops towards the other stakeholders available through the web site
  • Proceedings of the two workshops towards the regulatory bodies available through the web site
  • ISGAN meetings contribution
  • Knowledge Use and Dissemination Plan




The GWP5 consists of following activities:

  • Definition of the Dissemination Master Plan
  • Development and maintenance of interactive multimedia communication tools
  • Management of workshops for the European DSO community
  • Management of workshops towards professional associations and the research performers
  • Management of workshops towards regulatory bodies
  • Contribution to EEGI knowledge sharing and ISGAN activities
  • Gathering of all Dissemination content into the final version of the Knowledge Use and Dissemination Plan

 To go further, we invite you to consult the poster about Dissemination activities within GRID4EU

Main objectives

The overall objective of this work package is to implement dissemination activities in order to prepare the future exploitation of the project results, while preserving legitimate intellectual property rights.

The specific objectives are:

  • To validate a Master Plan for the dissemination of project results to be used during the project,
  • To perform the dissemination tasks according to the Dissemination Master Plan approved by the General Assembly at end of Year one of the project which will include targets in Europe and at International level
  • To build and to validate a Plan for Knowledge Use and Dissemination for all the project results
  • To contribute to international collaboration activities in the framework of the ISGAN (International Smart Grid Action Network)
  • To contribute to knowledge sharing activities in the framework of the EEGI (European Electricity Grid Initiative)