Project plan

The project started officially on November 1st 2011 and will last over four years, with following major milestones:

  • End of 2012: definition and publication of technical specifications of the project
  • End of 2013: installation of the first equipments for some demonstrators on the field
  • End of 2014: field tests and first exploitation of data
  • End of 2015: Key Performance Indicators evaluation, feedback from past experience, projections and replications of results
      Grid4EU Global Planning

Work performed and main results since the beginning of the project

The first year of the project was focused on:

  • Specifying the requirements of GRID4EU project that was written 2 years ago
  • Detailing the different specifications and planning of the 6 demonstrations
  • Building a common methodology for the description of the Use Cases and the definition of KPIs
  • Setting up the management and communication tools and activities


Grid4EU workshops

In the framework of the project dissemination activities, workshops will be organized throughout the project duration:

  • For the European DSO community
  • Towards professional associations and research performers
  • Towards regulatory bodies

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on these workshops.